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NEWS / 29 May, 2020

Terrace events – more relevant than ever

Feeling the need to socialize but still hesitate about gatherings?

Because life is gradually returning to normal, because there is a schedule of meetings that you and your team need to follow, because you crave communication – we encourage you to opt for terrace events, training sessions, team-building activities, presentations, or even conferences. And here are a few reasons to make this choice:

Fresh Air: The hours spent daily at the office or at home during quarantine make the need for balance felt, especially as summer is the perfect time to take advantage of outdoor events. However, an extra breath of fresh air provides more emotional security.

People: Your guests will be in a better mood because, like you, they are beings who feel the thirst for communication, outdoors. On the terrace, the training will certainly yield more results than usual. Or the team-building will be more serene than ever and will contribute to improving organizational performance. In general, reunions will be more lively.

Safety: In the current situation, Summit Restaurant proposes personalized serving of coffee breaks and lunches for each participant in events organized on the Summit Terrace and in the Complex in general, in conditions of maximum hygiene and safety.

Team: Let’s not forget about the Summit Team, which is eager for events, guests, and has been dedicated to the success of every event for over 12 years.

Results: In other words, choosing to spend the event on the terrace means choosing not just the location but rather a rejuvenating escape in an environment conducive to study and interaction, which can only generate beautiful results.

These would be a few reasons to opt for terrace events at the Summit Terrace, shielded from urban noise, shaded by the Summit Apricot Tree, with the scent of fresh coffee and croissants, where you are safe and where inspiration awaits you!

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