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NEWS / 27 June, 2017

Why should you entrust your event to professionals?

MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions) is a relatively young industry, so there are no classes or well outlined written procedures / rules on how do we organize a successful event, especially in Moldova. Consequently, all event planners learn in the process, what are the premises of a perfect event, but also the factors that could compromise it. If you want the process to be less tedious and stressful, or especially if you are new in the field, it is absolutely necessary to choose only professional partners. And here we refer to: event venues, catering companies, accommodation units, advertising companies, travel companies and many other providers you may need, depending on the scale of the planned event.
Also it is important to have a good backstage team, who will assist and will ensure processes such as: registration of the participants, hosting, preparation and distribution of materials and many other small details, but considerably demanding. The checklist is large and the responsibility is overwhelming,


There are specialized companies with experienced people, large portfolio of successfully organized events and great variety of complementary services. One of such companies is the Summit Events Conference Center, which has a 10 years experience and all the tools and assets to realize the most daring concepts. There are many locations for business events in Chisinau, but our advice is to entrust your events only to professionals.
Here at Summit Events, we believe that being professional means to have:
• Mission and values promoted by each team member
• Expertise in the field and promising portfolio
• Reliable partners
• Guarantee of success

In other words, we recommend to not only choose a location for your event, but to choose a Partner that will ensure a head-to-head event with 100% engagement and commitment. We invite you to choose Summit Events & Conference Center – the trusted partner who offers more than just meeting space, but also an entire team, that will become part of your important event.

Ask now for an offer at office@summit.md