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NEWS / 16 July, 2020

Summit Events in the Context of Covid-19

Together, we are going through this uncertain period, and our number one priority has become the safety of our guests and employees. Therefore, we closely monitor and adhere to the recommendations provided by the authorities.

In this context, we want to inform you about the measures taken to ensure maximum security within the Summit Complex and its operations:

  • All work surfaces, as well as door handles, windows, and switches, are regularly disinfected. All rooms are also regularly ventilated, following a pre-established schedule.
  • The health condition of everyone is monitored daily. Every few hours, all employees have their body temperature measured, and a record is kept in this regard.
  • All team members are properly equipped with gloves, masks, special equipment during the preparation, delivery, and serving of dishes.
  • Before returning to work, employees are required to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water and use hand sanitizer.
  • We observe social distancing conditions in the arrangement of rooms, arranging chairs and tables at the recommended distance, and avoiding physical contact by placing floor markings.
  • All visitors to the Complex are encouraged to wear gloves and masks and measure body temperature at the entrance.
  • All guests entering the complex, terrace, conference rooms, and the restaurant are urged to disinfect their hands at the device placed immediately at the entrance, as well as at various points on the complex’s territory.
  • Guests are informed about the obligation to comply with protection measures and prevent the spread of the virus through informative posters and direct communication from employees.
  • All coffee breaks and lunches are served personalized by properly equipped waiters, avoiding crowding at the buffet table and the use of utensils and cutlery by other guests.
  • Implementation of measures recommended by local and international health authorities within the Summit Villa accommodation unit, such as respecting the 72-hour interval between stays in the same room, temperature measurement for staff and clients, protective screens at reception, surface disinfection, and space ventilation, etc.
  • The delivery of meals through the catering service is carried out with our own vehicles (regularly disinfected), special equipment for the safe transport of food, and trained personnel equipped accordingly.

If it is the right time for you to resume meetings, we will be happy to host you again, differently than usual. Still, we are committed to providing conditions of maximum safety and comfort, as we always have. Alternatively, you can continue to benefit from the catering service, with pre-orders, delivered under maximum safety conditions to your home or office.

Let’s keep us all safe!