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NEWS / 21 February, 2020

Prom Party 2020

Literary, «graduation» is defined as the completion of an education cycle. At Summit Restaurant, we are convinced that graduation means partyCongratulations to all the graduates with this important event of their life. We would be happy to help you save your time and energy  in organizing the best graduation party !

Starting at 600 mdl, Summit Restaurant packages for graduation ball include the following:

Delicious personalized menu with dishes prepared from fresh and seasonal products,

which  meet the expectations of the most selective gourmets;

Beautiful ball room equipped with:

⇒ Light effects, for additional energy and color for the party;

⇒ Audio/ video equipment, to deal with any scenario;

Also, the guests will enjoy

⇒ Spacious terrace, for the breaks between the party songs;

⇒ Private parking, for extra convenience and safety.

Extra Bonus

Exclusive LED furniture, for a unique décor of the party;

Unlimited lemonade Bar;

Free service.

More than that, the Event Manager will help you with the concept of the event, scenario and organizing additional services like DJ services. So be sure nobody will be bored, parents will be happy and the teachers – proud.

For details, you are welcome to contact us at: 0786 000 88 |