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NEWS / 16 October, 2018

Our clients about Summit Events: “I’s a different experience, a different attitude”

We, as humans, are complex but fascinating beings. Why? Because when we meet a certain person, we analyze them from head to toe, draw conclusions, and render the final verdict: either we accept the person or reject them. They either become a friend/partner/ally, or we disapprove to the extent that we avoid any kind of encounter with them.

I have the same relationship with the places or venues I visit. Either I like them and return with great pleasure regularly, or I dislike them and wouldn’t recommend anyone frequenting that place.

It’s very simple! I explain this by the fact that absolutely everything is connected to emotions and memories, and a place, if it evokes a mix of positive emotions, will make me want to find opportunities to return there countless times, and even more, to bring my friends to enjoy the same emotions.

And it’s precisely these emotions that I discovered at Summit Events. First, I discovered the venue when invited several times to various events and conferences, as a participant and as a speaker. And every time, I convinced myself that all the services were just as extraordinary as they seemed at first glance.

This is what prompted me to take my relationship with the venue to a new level – to organize events here myself. To invite people and be responsible for their emotions this time. And even in these circumstances, I didn’t have the opportunity to be disappointed or let down even a bit.

The last event I held here took place on September 26 – Masterclass: Learn how to personally promote your business/product. To say that everything went wonderfully or exceeded any expectations I had – that would be an understatement!

In other words, if I had the opportunity to travel back in time and make any changes to the event, I wouldn’t make absolutely any changes, and Summit Events would be the foundation I wouldn’t move from its place for anything!

And all of this is thanks to the emotions the hall and the team gave me, as well as the sense of well-being, comfort, and safety.

Certainly, my friendship with Summit Events is special, beautiful, and our relationship will last long-term. And I am firmly convinced that many more ideas and projects I am working on now will see the light of day precisely in this venue!

Signed: Adriana Arnaut, CreativeAd Agency