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NEWS / 15 April, 2016

One more social project, that we gladly support!

We enjoy partnerships that give us the opportunity to contribute towards a noble cause, into improving the society where we live and operate.

A few weeks ago we had the great chance to know a group of young enthusiasts willing to change for the better our society – members of the Rotaract Club Chisinau. According to the Club’s specifics, the contest they initiated, SQS (Speeches Questions Sand), has dual purpose: one is to promote freedom of expression, freedom of thought and humanism and the second is to gain funds (by selling tickets to the event) for the repair of two kindergarten (the bathroom space and the playground). Through various projects, these young people accumulate money in Rotaract’s treasury, that further will be used to repair the spaces for the children who attend these kindergartens (No. 145 and No. 100 from Chisinau).

This initiative is admirable and Summit Events gladly joined it as a partner, and last Saturday, Summit New York Hall hosted the first stage of the SQS contest. All it’s left is to wish them success in developing more projects with charitable and social motivation.

Here are some pictures from the SQS event.