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NEWS / 4 March, 2020

How to organize a perfect wedding?

The wedding is an important event in everyone’s life, so the plans for the ceremony are complex and usually begin several months or even a year in advance. Of course, you can hire a wedding planner with experience in the field, but you can also do it yourself, finding satisfaction in organizing it. In fact, everything becomes much simpler if you have enthusiasm, patience, and are well-informed. That’s why we decided to provide you with a few step-by-step tips for stress-free organization of a perfect wedding.

  1. Sketching an Action Plan

Even a wedding itself is a true project management endeavor. Planning is the key to success. The plan should be well-thought-out and later supplemented with specific names of service providers who will participate in the event.

  1. Establishing the General Concept of the Event

The event concept relates to the type of wedding (modern or traditional), the number of guests, the budget to be allocated, and the general theme or the specific nature of the venue. Usually, parents and possibly godparents also participate in discussing these aspects.

  1. Choosing the Date of the Big Event

Next, move on to setting the date for the big event, which initially seems to be the first step in organizing, but often depends on the availability of the chosen venue. The chosen date often holds special significance for the engaged couple.

  1. Choosing the Venue

When choosing the venue, consider the design and layout of the hall, the location of the venue, accessibility, parking options, and potential accommodation for guests. For the warm season, a significant advantage would be access to a terrace for breaks between songs. Regarding the menu, it’s important to pay attention not only to price and composition but also to the presentation of the dishes and the arrangement/design of the festive table. Ask the Event Manager to show you pictures from previously organized events.

  1. Booking Additional Services

Once you know the exact date of the wedding, you need to select and compare offers from complementary service providers: photographer, cameraman, host, music band/DJ, candy bar, and cake, if these are not provided by the hosting restaurant.

  1. Organizing Decor and Related Aspects

Starting from the concept and the chosen venue, you can already select the color scheme, decor, invitations, favors, guestbook, photo panel, wedding album, etc. According to the latest trends, couples opt for a white and cream decor, with a blend of different pastel shades, delicate, without a stark color contrast. The predominant live flower decor includes peonies, eustomas, anemones, delicate flowers, not too strongly scented, but depending on the season. A new design trend is LED furniture that adds color to your party, and most importantly, you can choose the right color according to the event concept.

  1. Entertainment

Among the entertainments with the most appeal to the public are the photo booth or the newer GIF booth, which immortalizes lively and pleasant moments to be revisited, as well as magical or pantomime moments and inviting a surprise guest. Surely, the LED Bar will be appreciated, impressing with color and a variety of delicious drinks. For children, an entertainer can be invited to keep them entertained separately, giving parents a chance to relax a bit.

  1. The Couple’s Dance

Here, you need to decide whether you opt for a simple and improvised moment or a more or less complex choreography. It’s important that the chosen style doesn’t make either of the newlyweds uncomfortable. Usually, dance preparation takes place a few weeks before the event, but booking the choreographer a few months in advance is recommended.

  1. Establishing the Check List with the Wedding Host

It’s perfect if you opt for a host who will get to the essence and help you run everything smoothly. A few days before the event, you need to finalize the final script of the party together with the host, to be informed about the flow of events and ensure a beautiful and well-organized celebration as a team.

In conclusion, it’s all about planning, planning, and… love!

If there is understanding and love between the future spouses, certainly the mega-grandiose and complex plan can be harmoniously implemented in a beautiful dream evening, which actually marks the creation of a new chapter in the couple’s history… happily!

We would appreciate it if you consider Summit Restaurant for your dream wedding celebration. And we commit to surpassing your expectations.

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