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NEWS / 22 June, 2017

Experts Battle, supported by Summit Events

We believe that for personal and professional development, everybody needs continuous training and needs to have versed people around, to share experience with. This is the reason why we decided to support the Experts Battle project, initiated by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Moldova – AFAM. Here are invited people within different areas of expertise, which they are willing to share with others.

The topic of the most recent edition was how do we motivate employees in order to achieve maximum performance. Motivation, lately, has become one of the key factors in achieving the success of a business. Four entrepreneurs were invited to share with the public the way they manage to motivate their employees. We had the opportunity to learn from Luminiţa Suveică, chief medical officer, Public Health Center; Angela Gladei, director of Total Leasing and Finance; Oleg Efrim, managing partner, Law Office “Efrim, Rosca and Associates”; and Peter-Vlad Ianusevici, Founder, Academy “Nicolae Dumitrescu”. The event was attended by AFAM members, but also Summit clients who happened to be interested in this aspect of a business.
“After all, I hope that, listening to what the experts have said, the participants will be able to create their own system of motivation and performance management. The main conclusion is that the leader cannot achieve his goals without a team. There is no general answer to the question of how to make a team work well. Each leader has to find the ideal solution for his own team, but it is definitely helpful to hear what methods do others apply”, said Otilia Dragutanu, the moderator of “Experts Battle”.

The event was organized by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Moldova with the support of Summit Events & Conference Center. Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Moldova – AFAM, is an NGO created in 2013 and has the mission to support the development of women’s entrepreneurial and managerial potential in the Republic of Moldova.