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NEWS / 11 June, 2018

Barcelona Room – a breath of fresh air for successful events

For extra diversity, convenience and advantage for our customers, we have created and launched a new jewel of the Summit Events complex – Barcelona Room.

The idea of this room came up in 2016. The source of inspiration was our customer and our desire to bring a breath of fresh air to the Summit rooms. Barcelona Room reflects our10 years of experience in the field and it is our response to the trust and loyalty offered by our guests throughout all this time. Every detail is designed to reflect our personality and to give extra convenience and comfort in your not so easy task to organize events.

The Barcelona Room impresses with its airy Catalan style, generous space and abundance of natural light. Located on the ground floor, the room has separate lobby and direct access to the terrace of the complex. So, participants can enjoy a good coffee outdoors during the warm season.

From the functional perspective, it is important to know that the room allows varied and multiple arrangements for a maximum of 130 people.

We invite you to meet Barcelona – a sincere dedication to all event organizers, from Summit Events & Conference Center, at its 10 years anniversary!